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We are a community of professional animation artists that teamed up under the lead of Prague production 3BOHEMIANS for one year between 2013 – 2014 to collaborate on a CG animated short film WILDLIFE CROSSING!

Welcome to the site where we showcase our collaborative art.

Our vision

Is a European professional community of animators and artists in CG animation and filmmaking constantly evolving via top production and training experiences which focus on project and team development and high-end expert opportunities for long term growth in the region.

Collaborative art

Modern animation is a collaborative art which requires not only a talent, skills and an experience of an individual artist, but on top of that a solid understanding and passion for team collaboration and effective decision-making. This short film is the best example of such philosophy and mindset.


ANOMALIA is a TOP training & networking European platform systematically merging education and production project development in order to boost professionalism and advanced art skills of the participating artists who deliberately want to be encouraged to become animation entrepreneurs on the international level.


We are having the best professional supervisors from the most successful studios because their personal visit and so much needed passion renders the collaborative experience seriously one-of-its-kind and serves as the best method known to men to achieve professionalism in the craft. This value is achievable only via such team Work N' Study Experience.

The film

Before you can start developing great projects, set up a development environment and mindset to work in and make sure you have the right people.


„A witty story about a small but determined snail boy who must cross a hectic highway to reunite with his precious girlfriend. Can the boy overcome harsh reality and prove that true love conquers any obstacles?“


Team size

The total number of professionals participating on the film, which was partly produced over the internet and in a studio environment. The animation stage was the cornerstone of this independent timetable.


Animation team

This number is a size of a low budget feature film production with one animation director. The crew worked hard in only two weeks to make the film possible.


Weeks animating the film

The animation stage took 2 weeks to animate the entire film with the crew of 20 + 1, and 3 additional weeks to enhance selected shots in a crew of 5.



The project became a huge international event with many people from various countries joining forces achieving the final result in 3/4 of a year during a steady production.

Message from the animation director

Anthony Wong works for PIXAR Animation Studios and joined WILDLIFE CROSSING! as a co-director and an animation director.

Anthony started his career as a computer engineer. Cal Arts accepted Anthony and that changed his life. For nine years, he worked for Disney feature animation as a character animator (Hunchback, Mulan, Hercules, Fantasia 2000, Tarzan, Emperors New Groove, Treasure Planet, and Home on the Range), and is currently working at Pixar. He jumps up and down everyday because he makes cartoons.

Our art

A short film production is basically a true proof of concept - trying out new things and making mistakes to learn from today, so we can achieve greater results tomorrow.

Thoughts from our audience

We have shown the film to professional animation artists
and they shared what they think of WILDLIFE CROSSING!


PIXAR Animation Studios [USA]Wow - what a beautiful film!! You have a highly talented crew there! Congratulations on finishing


Platige Image [Poland]This is really good! Congratulations! Very well done.


VALVE [USA]Very nice! Congrats. It looks great and plays a lot better than I expected as a piece of entertainment. Well done. You should be proud.


Tiny Inventions [Japan / USA]I really enjoyed! What a way to start my morning. Is this your famous "We make shorts in a few weeks" program? The animation is SO GOOD! The story is tight, editing is perfect, lighting is beautiful and I love the details in the design like the little shells on top of those snails. Wow I'm so impressed! So...how do I get into your program to do this over the summer? Well, first I need to learn Maya and be pretty good at it, huh?  


VALVE [USA]Congrats on the film. It's a beautiful looking piece with some fun animation. Best of luck with it!


Shirogumi [Japan]

We  think  the technique of the  animation and story are so  nice ! Especially  I was very inspired for your storytelling.


3D WORLD MAGAZINE [UK]What a great start to the day! Thanks for sharing that with me. It was lovely.  


Animaking [Brazil]I loved the short! Really beautiful !!!!! The animation Is top; great acting without over animation. Really well done. The final visual and the colors is really nice.


INDEPENDENT ART DIRECTOR [Japan]Thank you so much for sharing your new animation! It’s a so sweet story! Their motions are also cute


Nadus Films [USA]I really enjoyed the creative story being told here between 2 snails. There’s action, drama, romance and suspense. Short and sweet!


TinDrum Animation [Israel / Denmark]Wow, very impressive. Production value is great, so is the animation.


Arconyx [USA]Wow man you really really know how to light and render. I'm impressed. Story is cute, I love the car designs and your animators did well! You should be proud!

Meet our team

Directors and supervisors

ANTHONY HO WONGco-director and animation director
DAVID TOUŠEKart director and CG supervisor
JOSH CAREYlead technical director
BRAD CLARKtechnical supervisor
Jan Jindapipeline and CG supervisor
BOGDAN DIACONUadditional technical director
KEITH LANGOpipeline supervisor


NORO DRŽIAKstory and 2D animatic | Tobogang
ANNA BOBREKOVÁadditional writing
Anthony Ho Wongstory consulting
DAVID TOUŠEKanimatic, layout, camera


DAVID TOUŠEKexecutive producer

Concept artists

PAVEL SOUKUPcharacter designer
ŠTĚPÁN BERÁNEKcar and environment design
JAN JINDAenvironment design
NORO DRŽIAKsnail design
CALLUM STRACHANcolor scripts
QIAN SHIcolor scripts
Marcela Konárkovápin-up girl

CG animators

CARLO LOFFREDOcharacter animator
SINIŠA MATAIČcharacter animator
IVAN SAROSACZcharacter animator
RUARAIDH GILLIEScharacter animator
MANFRED RAGOSSNIGcharacter animator
MARCELLO ALVAREZcharacter animator
DAVID TOUŠEKcharacter animator
MICHAELA JINDRAcharacter animator
JOOST DE JONGcharacter animator
PETR FILIPOVIČcharacter animator
DIDEM BAYRAKcharacter animator
MILAN ONDRUCHcharacter animator
JURAJ ZUBÁŇcharacter animator
NICK GROENEVELDcharacter animator
VALĎKA MACUROVÁcharacter animator
VERONIKA JELÍNKOVÁcharacter animator
URMET LEPPcharacter animator
BIBIANA NEMETHOVÁcharacter animator
DITA KRČOVÁcharacter animator
NATALIA BORODULINAcharacter animator

CG Artists

JAN JINDACG Look Development, lighting, rendering, compositing
JAN PETROVcharacter modeler, fine-art painter
MARTIN FURAKcar modeler
ANTONÍN ŠMÍDprops modeler
David Toušekcharacter modeler, animation caching
DAVID SVOBODApipeline TD, technical support
MAURICIO PORRASdynamic simulation
MICHAL MOCŇÁKcolor grading
Trevor van Hoofpipeline TD
ROBIN SCHERtech support

CG riggers

JOSH CAREYlead "snail" rigger
BOGDAN DIACONUcharacter rigger
MATTEO DI LENAcharacter rigger
DANIEL CRANDALLcharacter rigger
LEE OZERcharacter rigger
JASON REDDcharacter rigger
IVAN MENDOZAcharacter rigger
JAMES THOMPSONprops rigger
PERRY LEIJTENprops rigger
TREVOR VAN HOOFprops rigger

Composer and sound designers

MARTIN HEJLsound designer
DOMINIK SVOBODAsample symphonic sound design

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Latest news

anthony 22 Úno


W would like to share couple reflective words by Anthony Wong, our animation director on Wildlife Crossing, which make us value his participation so much more. Thank you Anthony for the ride!!!

ANTHONY WONG; [Bay Area Festival] was great fun. The film was screened twice to full houses. One of the interesting questions was: why do snails have teeth? Jim and Nate (head of story in Cars 2) were impressed and told the audience we did an incredible job. Audience were thanking me in the parking lot. Felt great. Thanks for including me, -Anthony

mnn 16 Úno


We are truly impressed with this article at Mother Nature Network, which has been inspired by our short film. What a creative literary talent the author has. We had no idea what the film can do, but we agree that this voice is welcomed. At least the director of the short film Noro Drziak seems to be thankful for such message ha-ha-ha.
batche 11 Úno


It has not been even a single day since WILDLIFE CROSSING went public and we won a Vimeo STAFF PICK badge. The film now has the venerable Staff Pick badge to tell the universe, ‘‘Yo, this video is one of the best on Vimeo’’ The badge appears on our video’s thumbnail everywhere on Vimeo.com, and wherever the video is embedded on the Internet. And in only two days more then 20.000 views.
3DWM 27 Zář


3D WORLD magazine, the biggest and most prestigious industry magazine with global distribution offered us an amazing honor to feature in their August animation issue and we ended up on the cover. What a recognition. Thank you. An excerpt from the article published here http://www.creativebloq.com/3d/9-top-tips-creating-award-winning-animated-shorts-21514160


We have presented the short film WILDLIFE CROSSING! to CG enthusiasts and young beginners today and I think they were entertained and visiting in big numbers. Always good to share a finished collaborative effort.
festivals 1 Čec

Stepping into the Festival Circuit

JULY 1, 2014 We are preparing the film to be sent to the global festivals hoping to be selected and screened in front of the international audience as far as we can imagine.  
kino_1_mat 26 Čer

Screening for the invited

JUNE 26, 2014 The short film WILDLIFE CROSSING! had beefed screened to invited guests in the very center of Prague. The screening took 10 minutes and our guests had a chance to see the film twice. The cinema was full and we received very warm applause and appreciation for the story and the looks of our art.  The guests then moved to the cinema bar and spent the rest of the night in a informal and friendly atmosphere.    



Animation production www.3bohemians.eu

We produce animation! From clips, ads and short films we have done up to now, we aim at developing concept for other formats such as series for TV and new media in context of trends in digital distribution. We search for new ways of exploiting modern animation as communication tool valuable for either commercial and non/commercial use.

WILDLIFE CROSSING! is a good example of our long term philosophy to produce an artistically valuable short film or a mini-series in collaboration with a commerical company which would use the story and characters as their brand for a limited time, while artists are given enough creative room for production. This current short film has been granted funding from the Czech Film Fund.



For the past 5 years, 3BOHEMIANS alias Bohemian Multimedia has become provider of professional training in 3D animation under the name ANOMALIA to support regional talent pool by increasing quality and expertise of 3D character animation, future filmmaking and modern storytelling. Young professional CG animators and artists are trained in modern craft of 3D character animation by invited professional supervisors from studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky, Lucas Arts, Aardman Animations, VALVE and others.

ANOMALIA is a professional animation training in 3D animation focusing on key skills in contemporary modern culture which to a high degree defines its identity through the production of animated pictures in not only games, films and TV-programs, but soon to come, all kinds of visual art for cross media based production; any kind of moving pictures that can be shown on any size screen.

Summer courses 2015

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